WrapRec :: Evaluation Framework for Recommender Systems

Download WrapRec

You can use WrapRec by downloading the latest binaries or compiling the source code.

Download Binaries

If you want to get latest verion click on the Download link. You can also find the latest build by checking the release page.

Download Latest Release (Win64) Download Latest Release (Mono64)

View Relases

After extracting the zip file WrapRec can be used by running WrapRec.exe. In Linux and Mac you should have .Net Mono installed to be able to use WrapRec. The usage of WrapRec is as simple as running WrapRec.exe with a parameter which specifies the path to the configuratio file.


wraprec.exe [config.xml]

Linux and Mac

mono wraprec.exe [config.xml]

Source Code

Check GitHub to see the source code. You can also build the project by downloading the source code.

View on GitHub

Latest build status:

Build on Windows

To build the project on Windows, the easiest way is to open WrapRec.sln with Visual Studio and build the solution with it.

Linux and Mac [not tested yet]

In Linux you should have mono xbuild tool to be able to build the project. You can build the project with the following command:
xbuild WrapRec.sln